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Kansas Youth Soccer has a coaching education program designed to meet your player development guidelines and the curriculum laid out by US Soccer.  The program is suited for the new volunteer coach just starting out, to those pursuing the highest level in their field.


All Kansas Premier Soccer Coaches, Staff Members, Board Members, and Team Managers (18 years or older) working with children must login or register online with Got Sport each seasonal year to make sure they have an approved background check and SafeSport Certification completed for the upcoming season.

ALL Club Members need to complete this requirement, no exceptions!  This is also required in order to be listed on an official state rosters must have a completed background screening check & SafeSport Certification and have been approved before being added to a roster or receiving a US Youth Soccer Member Pass Card from the clubs registrar.  If you do not complete the background screening check or SafeSport Certification, you will NOT be considered for approval as a KSYSA Coach/Staff working youth games or clubs. The information that you provide to Got Sport Registration and Risk Management is stored on a secure server and will only be visible to the Risk Management Staff at Kansas Youth Soccer.


The cost for background checks is $20 bi-annually. (September 1 to August 31).
Please contact your club first to see if they have a voucher code that would waive this fee for you.  

The SafeSport Training Courses is FREE of charge if you follow the instructions below.  It is an ANNUAL renewal for you to complete!  You should NEVER have to pay for SafeSport so if it ask for you to do so then you are doing it incorrectly. 


If you have previously completed a background check in the old Got Soccer system and it has yet to expire then all you have to do is contact your club to get a NEW Got Sport account set up and attached to your club.  Please use the same email for your Got Sport account that you used in the Got Soccer legacy system.  Doing this will then have your background check connect to your new account if done correctly after 24 hours.

If you have previously completed SafeSport Certification directly through SafeSports website then all you need to do is make sure the SafeSport account and your Got Sport account have the EXACT same First Name, Last Name and Email and then follow the SafeSport Instructions listed below to complete requirement. 

If you do not know your Got Sport or SafeSport information the system will resend it to you via the email the account was under.  If you no longer use that email address then contact your club to have them update your Got Sport account or contact SafeSport for assistance. 

Other questions email Sheila Ozburn at sheila.ozburn@kansaspremiersoccer.org.

If you are new to Kansas Youth Soccer, you need to contact your club for them to create your Kansas Got Sport Account.
You DO NOT need to make a new Got Sport account. 


If you completed a background check or SafeSport as a coach, team manager or board member through your current club, then this information will be linked to all the other roles you may have in your club.  

For Example:  A coach who is also a referee will be able to use one single Got Sport account and have roles as a coach and a referee linked to it.  No more multiple accounts for multiple positions you may have within your organization